Become a Hacker for a Day

Hack Exeter is a one-day Hackathon hosted at Phillips Exeter Academy for Middle and High School students with any level of programming experience! Participants will have a day to create a project inspired by the contest’s theme. Prizes will be awarded to the top three projects along with a developer’s prize. Food and snacks will be provided, and every team will get a mentor to help them with any problems encountered along the way.

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Any middle school/high school students are welcome to attend this event!


Submit your project before the end of the hackathon judging period, when you will be pitching and presenting your project to judges. 

How to enter

Fill out the following form by April 27th to register for this hackathon!



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Jenny Yang

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Pavan Garidipuri

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Evan Vogelbaum

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Arun Wongprommoon

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Penny Brant

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Has this project been done before? How original/creative are the innovative ideas behind this project?
  • Theme Adherence
    How closely does this project relate to the theme of our hackathon?
  • Technical Prowess
    How technically challenging were the actual technology part of this project?